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Things Can Cause Headaches And Its Kind

Headache is a common disease experienced by everyone, whether it's children ataupu parents. Many people conclude headaches due to high blood pressure or stress factors. Actually it is not because it alone, But also because of other factors. Headache is not a dangerous disease, but you must remain vigilant because of headaches that occur within a relatively long time, it could be a sign that there is a dangerous disease lodged in the body. Well here are the simple things that can trigger headaches including the following!

Things Can Cause Headaches
  1. In general it is a simple thing that can be because the fragrant perfume. People have different types in terms of choosing a perfume. No one likes a soft perfume and when a strong smell tends to make them dizzy and vice versa.
  2. Aroma sting
  3. Hair ties are too tight, usually these cases often occur in women. In addition to a strong bond can also be due to the veil that is too tight can also create headaches.
  4. Dehydration (lack of fluids)
  5. Cigarette smoke, this is because cigarette smoke contains nicotine that is harmful to health.
  6. Dietary factors, especially for those who have a history of allergy to certain foods. If forced to eat can also be a headache.
  7. Activities that are too dense one does every day.

Well that's the simple things that can make a person feel a headache or dizziness is often referred to. Once we know the things that can cause dizziness or headache then incomplete if we know the symptoms. Many symptoms of headache and arguably one another is very different depending on the type of headache itself. Well here we will explain the type of headache and accompanying symptoms, including the following!

Chronic Tension Headaches
For this type of headache that is usually marked by pain that presses on the side of the two heads namely the left and right. As for the intensity of this chronic tension headaches ranging from mild, moderate to severe. So that's why if you experience symptoms already disebutka yan earlier, segerahlah to take action so that the condition does not worsen.

Chronic migraines
The next type of headache is chronic migraine, migraine this type would normally be experienced by someone who has never experienced a migraine before. Can be identified with symptoms of headache on one or both sides of the head, throbbing sensation, and possibly cause pain secondary to excruciating pain. Chronic migraine can be triggered by physical activity routine. This condition may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light.

Now that's the kind of headaches along with accompanying symptoms. As for how to mngatasinya can be done in various ways, namely by check to the doctor, using traditional ingredients such as the use of red ginger and certainly avoid things that can trigger headaches terjadinhya as described above. A few explanations and hopefully this time can provide useful information for us all.
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